Bank Account System A C Project Report With Code

Bank account C Project involves maintaining of account related information. This requires greater accuracy, speed that is why the proposed system is the computerization of the existing system.

Account system involved maintaining data related different customer and his transaction. This required greater accuracy, speed that is why the proposed system is the computerization of the existing system. The computerized system does the job of the monitoring the information easy and effective manner.


The application certainly has same striking advantage over manual system. There will be no paper work as possible and the information will be updated as it changes. It is automation of Telephone directory system. With this system one can generate the report of the address. It secures the database of Telephone directory system from the unauthorized person. 

The application certainly has some striking feature over manual system. User queries have become quite accurate and efficient. Lot of paper work has been eliminated. 

Future modification and enhancements have become quite easier now in comparison to the previous manual system. Last but one of the most important advantages of the banking system is that, through this system the whole procedure will take too less time in comparison of the manual system. 

Use of BAS: 

No doubt BAS will be helpful for institutes in all procedure, which will be monitoring through Account. At the first step BAS will only be installed in the bank. 

Primary Advantage of BAS: 

The main advantage of BAS is that, it will become a powerful tool in establishment of better system in comparison of the existing system. It helps to protect the system from the corruption. After installation of BAS in the bank, there is a greater possibility of stabilization a clear and fair system, which will be accurate, update and fast. There is no doubt that there always remains some scope of improvement. 

The important thing is that the system developed should be flexible to accommodate any future enhancements. This system can be used to provide some enhancement without rewriting of existing code.

download Project Report  and sample code of  CSE Bank account C Project.

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