Automatic Fuzzy Ontology Generation for Semantic Web Project Report

The main purpose of semantic web is to create the universal medium for the purpose of exchanging the information by inserting the documents within the semantics on internet within a specific manner. The Semantic web is having many capabilities through which they will be able to integrate the day to day trade mechanisms, daily updates associated with intelligent agents. Ontology can be considered as the domain concept that is capable of reading the different formats and it includes different resources such as individuals, characteristics, sayings as well as associations. Ontology is widely accepted technique that is been utilized as the specific standard knowledge resources for the purpose of supporting semantic web.

Ontology is widely used in Semantic webs for getting efficient information retrievals from the actual source system. In order to identify the improbability of the information ontology as well as web fuzzy logics can be associated together which is so called referred to as fuzzy ontology as the predefined hierarchy concept. Designing the hierarchy for the specific domains is not such a simple task and this proposed system will introduce a FOGA- fuzzy ontology generation framework which is capable of producing the automatic fuzzy ontology for the purpose of identifying the uncertainty of the information. This FOGA framework involves three different elements in it such as Fuzzy formal concept analysis, Concept hierarchy generation as well as Fuzzy ontology generation. The actual reasons for ontology enhancement towards the new data will be identified. In order to produce the ontology within the database the fuzzy logic technique will be used in this proposed system.

Hardware specifications

This system needs Intel Processor IV processor with 128MB Ram and 20GB hard disk along with 40x Samsung CD drive with 1.44 MB floppy disk including 15 Samtron color monitor with mercury keyboard and Logitech mouse.

 Software Specification

This system needs an operating system of Windows XP/2000  and the language required to perform the tasks are J2sdk1.4.0.

Download Automatic Fuzzy Ontology Generation for Semantic Web Project Report.

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