Automated System for Determining Wavelength Period ECE Project Report

Introduction to Automated System for Determining Wavelength Period Project:

This seminar topic explains about automated system which is used to determine the wavelength, period and the frequency in the highly developed branch of the telecommunications. Here the Wavelength, frequency and the period are the sub parts of the links that are related to space. It is the standard application of the telecommunication which can also be used in the computer system where there is more requirement of networking and the large access of the Internet. This helps to transmit the signals from one device to another in the given area of space. Basically these signals are the digital signals which are used in the mean while process.

The target of the existing system is that the transmission of the particular desired wavelength can be easily be done on the basis of the QBASIC language called as the computer programming language. The easy communication can be done by using the transmission techniques.

To verify the time duration propagating signals. The active process on which the system works is the passive system which can be also called as the receiver, the active system which can be also called as the transmitter, a computer system means a personal computer, a modem to access the internet, antennas to catch the signals.

The applications of the system have the space area wavelength which is already defined program to search the wavelength, period and the frequency of the telecommunication of the services of the system. Here there is a special application where there is no problem in the receiving and transmitting the signals. This system was introduced in the market in about 20th century. The Internet is also an example of the network related here. More updatable applications and the devices are in the stage to be launched in the upcoming future days.

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