Attendance Management System Asp.Net Project with Source Code

The attendance management system project is implemented in platform. 

This project can be used as a mini project for third-year computer science students.

The main aim of this project is to implement a software application for institutions to manage the daily attendance of students. In existing systems manual record books are used for managing attendance.

This process requires a lot of time using this application teachers can store data in the database at the time of attendance and the same data can be used in the future.

Using this system we can send SMS to parents if the student is absent.

attendance management system project with source code and project abstract and project execution procedure.

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  1. res sir.
    i am studying msc(it) final year.i want to mini java project using any algorithm.can u give the prjct
    pls give me sorce code with prjct doc

  2. Am vallah. am syudying final year engg cse dept. i need the details about the college monitoring system project details, abstract,source codes with algorithms. .net is better for me. try as much as possible.

  3. I am student simad university, Mogadishu Somalia i study IT there fore my university want me last project he is name is. public notary mgt system by front end is Java desktop back is sql2008 l need this project plz send me. Thanks 1000project

  4. i m mca student.i have a project in & my title is attendance management so plz give me source code for my project…..

  5. i m MCA student.I need a project in the topic is attendence management system.SO please give me a source code and database. I shall be highly thankful to you for this azct of kindness……..


  6. I want bro..i am also in last year.and my topic was on attendance management.please give will be very helpful for me bro..

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