Analysing User Behaviour In Social Network At Various Time Intervals


With the increase of internet users and applications like social networks and multimedia sharing websites users are spending much of their time of sharing information with users and even using these applications for business purpose. With increase of this usage there are many advantages of improving services for users by designing effective system for analyzing users behavior. In this system users intention is calculated using intention serialization analysis based on their interaction on social network. In this system each users interaction is calculated by storing each users sessions and respective interest of that user at that point of time and store entire details in to database. Based on the users data at different time intervals using novel algorithm calculation of user behavior is done. User behavior is useful for providing services like advertisements to users at respective time. As user behavior and interest changes from time to time design a system which can accurately analyze behavior at respective time is useful for providing services.


  • Inside any social media network each users behavior changes with time and what type of data is shared on social network. As each user has different roles and view different type of topics each day so finding users behavior and using those details for effective service is a challenging task.
  • There are many previous works which used many techniques to provide better solution for finding user intention one of them is considering surrounding users interests who are friends to specific user and considering common interest and user interest in that circle.


  • Just by considering surrounding users or common friends interest and specific user interest in that group cannot provide accurate result. With time user behavior will change so existing system will not work in all scenarios.


  • In order to get accurate interest and behavior of each user at that point of time there is need to use data related to user behavior of each user in social network. Using this data we can get sequence of interests users is searching on social network and by using users’ behavior pattern analysis and mining algorithm user behavior can be calculated. 


  • By using behavior pattern analysis algorithm it is easy to know each user intention at that point of time.
  • By using this user analysis data it will be easy to advertise or share information to user with specific data.



  • System : Pentium Dual Core.
  • Hard Disk : 120 GB.
  • Monitor : 15’’ LED
  • Input Devices : Keyboard, Mouse


  • Operating system : Windows 7.
  • Coding Language : JAVA/J2EE
  • Tool : Netbeans 7.2.1
  • Database : MYSQL

Project Code & Database, Documentation will be uploaded soon.

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