Advertisement Management System Project

Introduction and background

Interactive advertisements have become very popular among the media/internet. Companies however, invest huge budgets to advertise their products online in order to spread the word out. Programmers and designers have endless work on creating different types of advertisements to display by region, ages, genders and likings in order to target significant human being to convince to click on advertisements.

To create an online application that automates advertising clips creation.

What problem will you address?

The requirements and specification of the application is set high, there is a detailed needs for the application.

The idea behind the application based on five main concepts;

  •   Making the advertisement easier
  •   Saving time
  •   Saving money
  •   No programming knowledge should be needed to use
  •   Good looking GUI

a)    Based on the requirements, there might be a problem with the time limit, this project may over run and break the time limitation. It has to be handled very delicately by scheduling and focusing on each and every task.

b)    The application should look good and easy-to-use also should not lose its performance speed, it will be hard to optimize.

c)    Choosing correct web technology and programming language. Web 2.0.

d)    Implementation, security and testing should be done carefully.

e)    Client is declining to use any open-source; therefore it might take more time to implement.

f)     It is planned to be sold forward therefore the application should be professionally made.

 2.    Why is the project important?

It is an important project for me to gain working experience and to add up new skills while working on it. It will be learning and business oriented project also will open up new opportunities for the future.

 3.    What are the benefits to the stakeholders?

Stakeholders planning to sell the application forward for their clients and keep me work on different versions if they are satisfied with it.

 4.    How does it relate to previous work and existing knowledge?

This work is on a different scale, concept and the purpose are different. I will take advantage of the new technology and will try to gain new knowledge. If possible I will pass it on to make it available for everyone.


  1. 1.    What will the project deliver? Are there intermediate or enabling deliverables?

The project will deliver great work experience, contacts, new knowledge and skills and possibly a job.

Source code, documents, project plan, tasks schedules, screenshots and demo application.

The main goal is to build and deliver successfully requested application which will automate the online advertising clip creation with quality.

Technologies and Resources

  1. List the major resources required.
Software Description Operating System
HTTP Open-source server that provides HTTP services. Linux (Debian)
PHP PHP – popular and powerful, hypertext pre-processor also known as widely-used programming language.
Mail Server Exim – message transfer agent. Linux (Debian)
Database Server (SQL) MySQL – world’s most popular free open-source database application server. Linux (Debian)
Secure Shell Server (SSH) To transferring the data securely between server and workstation. Linux/Windows 7
Domain Name System Server (DNS) A hierarchical naming system for locating the addressing using domain name in WWW. (domain for testing purposes) Linux (Debian)
Jasc Paint Shop Pro To handles graphics Windows 7
Adobe Dreamweaver  Helps to create HTML/CSS/PHP design and coding. Windows 7
SSH-2 Client & Putty  Helps to exchange the data securely between server and windows. Windows 7
FireFox + Internet Explorer + Opera  Different browsers to test application performances. Windows 7
Microsoft Office To handle documents. Windows 7
3D Studio Max To create unique 3D logo for the application. Windows 7
Flash Adobe flash for scripting and animation Windows 7

 Many of the listed applications are downloadable for free, I use Kingston’s MSDN software download centre to obtain some applications and others are provided by the company.

What technologies are you going to use?

The project is on the planning stage, as we discussed with CEO in the last meeting he has suggested to use: PHP, Ajax and MYSQL as the main technologies. But it is still in the discussion future meetings with my client may change the type of the technology.

 3.    Where will your data come from?

There’s a process of a research that we discussed in our last meeting with the client. We have planned to create questionnaires for 1000projects customers to answer before we select main features of the application, which means the data will be collected from them.

Method and Work plan

How will you use the technologies and resources to achieve your aims?

As mentioned before use of the technologies may change depending on the design implementation resources situations, but certain technologies are taken into the main consideration for building the application, such as; HTML, PHP, MYSQL and Ajax. There are also other tools that are to be listed later when creating a detailed tools analysis for testing, optimization purposes.

Methods and work plan: During the project it will be managed remotely. Communications tools such as Google Talk, Skype, MSN and mobile phone will be used to contact between client and developer (myself).

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