Abrasive Jet Machining and Study of Process Parameters Mtech Mech Seminar

Abrasive jet machining (AJM) is a processing non-traditional machine which operates materials without producing shock and heat. AJM is applied for many purposes like drilling, cutting, cleaning, and etching operation.

The particles of the materials get accelerate in gas stream and are made to focus on machine. It makes small fracture if particle focuses on the surface and the gas stream includes abrasive particles and fractured particles away.

 The process parameters are used like variables which effect metal removal. They are carrier gas, abrasive, velocity of abrasive, work material, and nozzle tip distance (NTD).

 The experiment of this project is based on following procedures. The glass is utilized for the test specimen and it is divided into the shapes of square and rectangular to operate on AJM machine. The specimens are made clear with the help of air jet and the weight is measured of about 0.001 gram.

 The test sample was located on the work chamber and worked on abrasive jet machine with many different process parameters. The machine part was taken out and cleaned and weighed to calculate the total material taken out of the work piece.


This Abrasive Jet Machining and Study of Process Parameters Mtech Mech Seminar is about the AJM with its equipments that are used in manufacturing Abrasive Jet Machine. They are compressor, vibrator, mixing chamber, nozzle, machine table, and pressure gauge and regulator. With this project, it is observed that with the increase of Nozzle Tip Distance increases, there is an increase in diameter of top and bottom surfaces. The pressure increases with increase of Material Removal Rate (MRR).

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