A-R image Portal Project in Java

A-R image portal is a web based application which allows the user to login or register itself. After login, user will be able to collect and save pictures in folders according to his wish. He will also be able to manipulate pictures (gray scale, image rotation, cropping) and save them back in the folder.

System summary:
1 System configuration:
A-R image portal operates on any computer which will support internet explorer. Application requires registration to save data (images and folder) in database. After installation of the internet explorer you can get access to this application.

 2 User access level:
Only registered users are able to get access to this application and can save data to database.
In case of power outage data are not saved in database of the client side and any changes in the photo would be lost.

3 Getting started:
Getting Started section explains how to design your own application using jsp pages and java classes.
Software installation:
• Install netbeans IDE 7.3.1 to design web pages and java classes.
• Install oracle 10g for database.
External dependencies:
This app requires ojdbc to connect with oracle.

Modules Overview:

This section provides a detailed description of system functions

 Login or registration:

Any registered user can login to use the image portal. Any unregistered user can be registered by filling the registration form.

  Create folder:

User can create new folders by specifying an appropriate name. Multiple folders with same name can’t be exist. In newly created folders user can add pictures and can process them. User could also be able to manipulate the existing folders. Folders will save in database.

  Delete folder:

User can delete folder by specifying its name. If user enters invalid name then app will send an error message otherwise it will send success message. User could either delete an empty folder or a folder with multiple photos.

  Add photos:

By clicking on any folder, it will be opened and user will be able to add new photos in the respective folder by using the browsing button. Image will be displayed in folder and will also save in database.

Delete photos:

By specifying the photo id user can delete any photo from folder and also from database. if user enters invalid id then app will send an error message otherwise it will send success message.

Zoom photo viewer:

On clicking the photo, it will be displayed in large size and will also provide the option of rotate image crop image and convert it in grayscale.


After using this app, user will logout after clicking the logout button.

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