Main project: “Zigbee Enabled Intelligent Monitoring and Control System”

Project Purpose:          This Zigbee Enabled Intelligent Monitoring and Control System ECE project was developed with embedded system technology; here we have implemented a new efficient system on ZigBee technology for Wireless sensor networks. This electronics project can be very useful in mechanical industrial companies to provide communication between remote areas. The data can be reached with safe and secure systems using this application.

The microcontroller attached to all areas of ZigBee wireless system where one side of controller can be highly taken care of the temperature and fire accidents in the chemical companies where we should set the temperature before going to implement this project when the temperature is high compare to the controller temperature it can automatically solve the problem without any fire damage.

This system works with zigbee safe methods. The other main advantage of this system is to prevent any short circuits or power problems in homes and small offices.

Download Zigbee Enabled Intelligent Monitoring and Control System ECE Project Abstract , Total Documentation, Screen Shots, and other reference documents.