Introduction to Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using RF Electronics Project:

Now a day’s providing data security has become very prominent and is increases the quality of communication. If there are no security measures for the data then the data can be easily hacked or diverted which reduces the quality of communication. We see electronic notice boards which store particular information and displays the particular information only till it is provided with new information. In this paper we will look into electronic notice boards which use wireless technology for transferring data by which the new information can be sent. We will see how information is transferred and different types of notice boards available.

Brief of the working model and design:

Here we use transmitter section for sending the information and each board is provided with a receiver and we use radio frequency signals for communication. We use a pan technology based on IEEE 802.15.4 which uses a standard algorithm foe encryption and decryption of the data. The encrypted will be sent to the receiver section by using RF module. 89C52 microcontroller will be used in the receiver and the transmitter sections which and an IC 7805 is used in the receiver section.

The microcontroller has a flash memory which provides the facility to reprogram. The by using a input keypad in the transmitter section we can transmit the data and it is sent to the receiver section through RF antenna and at the receiver it is received and the microcontroller processes the data and transmits it to the LED for displaying. The RF modules which are used for communication are operated at the frequency of 433 MHz.


By using this method we can modify the data in the electronic notice automatically by using wireless communication. The RF modules have the capability to form a mesh network by which we can send larger data over shorter distances. By using this method we can transmit the data in a secure manner.

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