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Wireless Chatting Using RF Abstract

December 20, 2011

             In WIRELESS CHATTING USING RF  project we are sending a message to the RF receiver through RF transmitter using SMS keypad. The use of SMS keypad is to create a message which is to be transmitted from the RF transmitter to the RF receiver. 

            We are generating a message using SMS keypad which is to be send messages with the help of Microcontroller. As soon as the RF transmitter transmits messages they are displayed on LCD screen. A 433MHZ frequency carrier signal is generated by RF transmitter which is send using antenna. The message that was transmitted by the antenna at the transmitter side is received by the antenna at the receiver side, received message is taken by RF receiver which works on TLP434A transmitter at a frequency range of 433.92MHZ.The resulted message from the RF receiver is received by the microcontroller serially. The message is decoded and displayed on the LCD at the receiver side. 

            This can be used as an application for broadcasting the messages wirelessly ; it can be used in remote areas and industries where there is a continuous need of information to be transferred; it can be developed so as to control any type of appliances remotely.

download Wireless Chatting Using RF Abstract.

posted in ECE and EEE Project Abstracts, Micro Controller Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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