Whisper Protocol for WCDMA Packetized ECE Project Abstract

The main aim of this Whisper Protocol for WCDMA Packetized project is to increase the speed of the data by using whisper protocol. The whisper protocol is the wireless protocol; the wireless protocol can be used in 3G technology. Nowadays 3G (third generation) internet data rate and speed is increased. In this technology the whisper protocol is used , 3G technology uses wireless( Wi-Fi ) technology ,the Wi-Fi technology nowadays used in companies and in engineering colleges, here to access internet the security code must be enter to access the internet, and also the Wi-Fi signal range is limited to certain range based on frequency. In this type WCDMA (wide band code division multiple access) technique is used. In this medium access control protocols used in wireless technology. But here bit error rate is more. In wireless technology there is no wired connection, is called as the wireless communication

To avoid this problem in this Electronics based final year project the ROUND ROBBIN scheduling algorithm is used. This algorithm assigns the priorities to the slots of the signal. Based on the priority the slots are activated and so that the bit error rate can be reduced automatically by assigning priorities. Here the round robin algorithm and whisper protocols are compared based on the priority the slots are activated and the call is accessed and the communication is processed by the network. This connection is done using the MATLAB software. In this MATLAB we can use several tools and this can done digital signal processing and we can find the magnitude of the signal and data rate of the signal. 

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