Un interruptible Power Supply Project Circuit

Introduction to uninterruptable power supply:

Un interruptible Power Supply Project is an electrical appliance which provides an emergency power to the main power supply when a breakdown occurs. Depending upon the requirement the ups are designed for low voltage and high voltage equipments. The main aim of the UPS is to provide a short duration of power supply so that the intended device can properly shutdown.

Working process:

The ups employs a double conversion method in which ac power coming from the grid is converted to DC current and at the same time it is passed through a rechargeable battery. When the breakdown occurs the battery power is supplied to the main power supply. Sometimes these are provided with diesel generators for longer duration of power supply. The time taken for the offline or standby ups to switch to battery power supply is around 25milli seconds.

Types of UPS:

We also use line iterative ups to overcome the under voltage break downs and over voltage surges. The line iterative ups are mainly useful for conserving the limited battery power. The online ups are similar to that of line iterative ups , but it has less voltage fluctuations and larger battery time for hours together, these rare mainly used in industries. The other type is hybrid topology or double conversion which switches to double conversion mode without using the battery power when the voltage fluctuations are beyond the limit. The rotary ups are used in industries where the power values are about 10000 watts. The ups acts as a power source during the time of power failures thus protecting device from shutting down in working mode.

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