Theme and objective of the Dynamic Routing with stegnography project

My main objective of Dynamic Routing with stegnography is to find a work flow of the routing methodology in multiple paths by disintegration of the data and providing security with stegnography approach.


  • To provide the literature review of the different routing algorithms that are existing.
  • A brief study of the data security with cryptographic approach.
  • Implementation of the  distance vector algorithm and data disintegration
  • To develop a distributed dynamic routing algorithm to achieve route randomization.
  • The main aim of my project is to find a security advanced dynamic routing algorithm based on distributed routed information, widely used in wired and wireless networks.
    • The main distinguishing feature of this model is to providing data security using stegnography methods where as previously existing techniques use cryptographic approach.


  • A Literature review on communication system, cryptographic concepts and different routing algorithms used in the project.
  •  Providing modules for the fragmentation of the data, routing and clustering processes using data flow diagrams and with UML.
  • For the of the path randomization we implement dynamic routing algorithm.
  • We can be able to say that the project is successful if we could be able to send the data from source to destiny considering different routing paths. The strength of security and the proficient data transmission can be known by the analysis of the results.
This Paper is written & submitted by Chandu.

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