Suspicious E Mail Detection Java Project Report

Introduction to Suspicious E Mail Detection Java Project:

The suspicious e- mail detection is the specialized Mailing system that recognizes the e- mail threats by looking out the keywords like bomb, RDX etc. sent by the user. This e- mails first to be blocked by the administrator and then go for the identification of the user. The system consists of 5 modules that are very advantageous.

  1. Login module
  2. Registration module
  3. Administration module
  4. User module
  5. Mailing module 

The Login module is useful for the authenticated administrator and the user. The Login information about the person has been entered so they can access the safe mail. 

The Registration module provides the user to first register them to access the safe mail. 

The Administration module is made for the administrator for management of keywords, to add new keywords along with the identification of the blocked list which consists of discarded mails. 

The Mailing module allows composing mails and sending mails along with the checking mails. 

The Existing System 

The Existing system cannot determine and detect the suspicious mails and offensive mails. 

The Proposed System 

The Proposed system can easily identify the offensive mails and block it. This would be very helpful to identity the anti- social mails, the system can be secured and would be helpful in the investigation agencies.   

The Hardware needs in this project includes of Pentium processor of 233 MHz or above along with 128 MB RAM. The hard disk must be 20GB. 

The Software includes the Operating system Windows NT/2000, JSP along with Tomcat Server, HTML and Javascript for the Client, Database Oracle 10 g/XE, the integrated development environment is My Eclipse 6.0.

Download  Suspicious E Mail Detection Java Project Report.

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