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Supermarket Management System Project

November 6, 2012

Introduction to Supermarket Management System Project:

The Supermarket Management System is a project that deals with supermarket automation and it includes both purchasing a selling of items. This project is designed with a goal to making the existing system more informative, reliable, fast and easier. There are many reasons for the starting of the project because in the selling of items through the manual system of salesperson faces a lot of inefficiencies. It requires handling of large record books that consist of both irrelevant and important information’s thus making it difficult to find out the required information as per necessity.

This is also a clumsy and untidy process that disturbs the smooth flow of work. But this system introduced by us will reduce the huge number of paper works while on the other side there are many more problems that persist in the manual system. They reduce efficiency as well as the productivity level of human. Administrative module, purchase module, employee module, sales module and billing module are some of the various modules that make up our project.

The administrators consist of a unique password and names of the employees. It helps the employees to make secure login. The ids and passwords are kept secret from others. The modules of sales and purchase include all the details of selling and purchasing. In the billing module the details of payments are clearly shown.

This is one of the best system that can be introduced in the supermarket for efficient management. It will also reduce the cumbersome job of finding the most accurate data from the huge log books. It also helps the management to keep efficient records of all the purchases and sales. The introduction of ID and password will further reduce the manipulation and thus providing the accurate and transparent data. This system will increase the productivity and reduce the need of manual system to a large extent.

Download Supermarket Management System Project.

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  13. Afolabi Emmanuel wrote:

    i need abstract, table of content, and a full research work on supermarket management system(i.e chapter 1-5).

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