The main of this project is to control speed of the D.C motor using the fuzzy logic control, By using the MATLAB software and compare the response with the proportional, proportional integral and proportional integral derivative controllers. Fuzzy logic control is the MATLAB operation programming, so to implement this EEE project we have to use the MATLAB software. This topic describes the dc motor model (mathematical and Simulink), controller types, responses of proportional, proportional integral and proportional integral derivative. In proportional integral derivatives we have to solve the derivatives, and Fuzzy logic controlling system. To implement this project we have to now the concepts of motor model, driver circuit, fuzzy logic controller design, process blocks of the fuzzy logic controller, and the membership rules.

Fuzzy Logic Controller features and advantages:

The fuzzy logic controller is sensitive to variation of the speed of the attenuation, the gain should be minimum and the fuzzy logic controller can control the D.C motor speed. The D.C motor consist of volt meter to set the voltage, armature, load, multiplier for the back E.M.F. the products used in the project are very costly so to avoid the problem of damaging the resisters and inductors and motor parts the heat should be minimum. Specifications of the motor are motor type 5HP,  Rated armature voltage 500volts, rated speed 1500rpm, Ra(armature resistance)=11.2Ω, La(armature inductance)=0.12h, EMF constant k=1.28N-m/A.

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