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Shopping Cart in ASP.Net Project

February 25, 2012

Project Title: Shopping Cart in ASP.Net Project.

Technology: Asp.Net

Database: Sql Server 2005

Contribution: Database designing, Involved in ASP.Net coding, Java script coding, SQL Server Reporting Services, HTML Coding.


            The Shopping Cart in ASP.Net project is aimed at automating Shopping mall  activities and aiming at paperless operation, starting from user purchasing the product till the delivery of selected products covering all the administrative tasks, like online Shopping cart, order tracking, show status, order confirmation, pay pal and shopping mall activities like new products like food items, cloths, mobiles, computers, shoes, new launches, etc. sending mails to users, model price list, updating status of user etc., are to mention a few.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • ·Involved in Designing of front end using HTML and back end applications using SQL.
  • ·Involved in ASP.NET coding.
  • ·Involved in creating Database Reports.

Download Shopping Cart in ASP.Net Project

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