Seminar Topic on BACnet and Lon Works

BACnet™ (Building Automation and Controls Network). This paper is meant to explore the substantial differences between each approach, and also focus on various popular myths in order to dispel some of the confusion and misinformation that has surfaced as these different solutions which have been introduced to the marketplace. This paper also discuss about how to create an automation and controls system which are designed tointeroperate with other BACnet systems.Interoperate in a BACnetmeans that two or more BACnet-speaking computer systems shares the same communications networks, and ask each other systems to perform various functions on a peer-to-peer basis.

Although this system does not require similarcapabilities, it is simplerfor system designers to design system components at every level of complexity, to have access to all functions of other automation system peers. Hear there are no class distinction between smaller controller, lager controller, actuator, sensors and host computer or operator work stations. The BACnet provides a sophisticated model for describing automation systems for all types. These models are based on the idea that the systems to be truly interoperable, there should be some agreement about various aspects of the overall operation and the individual systems by themselves. BACnet models are been divided into : Objects, services, LANs, internetworking, conformance. This paper discussesabout these classifications of models in detail.

Lonwork is the next topic which has been discussed in this paper. At the basic core of this technology is owned by a single proprietor communications protocol called LonTalk, which is a simple mailing system with some basic mechanisms for transferring messages between two or more systems. One of the major problems of the lonworks is that they are no able to extent since it needs an gold level agreement from its official members. 

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