Seminar Report on Fault Localization by Using Probe in Computer Networks

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Fault Localization by Using Probe in Computer Networks:

The Fault Localization is the identification of the location where faults occurs. It leads to malfunctioning of the system. The project is about the detection and trouble shooting of the fault by the method called Probing. Probes are the detection transport which is specific and go through the network. We used the active probe that can detect the fault localization. We focus on building a tool with proper architecture and design.

The Fault Management has to solve the following problems.

  1. The identification for presence of failure in the network.
  2. To detect the Fault Localization exactly the element which has failed and its cause.
  3. To separate the Fault and let the system or network run without any interruption.
  4. The reconfiguration of the network which reduces the influence of the fault by restoring the stopped connection.
  5. To replace the fault element with new element.

The Fault Localization consists of Error which is the incorrect sequence that occurs. The Fault can be generated from one or more error. This Error develops and enhances the failures of the system. The failures can be seen with some defects called Symptoms.

The Fault detection is very important aspect in Network Fault Management. Though the Fault in the Network system is always occur, the early identification and its separation can make system more vigorous, dependable, connective and working. But huge Network systems, the Fault detection is difficult.

The Fault Management has two types.

  1. Passive approach: This approach is to detect the fault location based on the signals received by network system.
  2. Active approach: This approach is regular checks of the status of the network system that works properly or not.

The Probing technique is the active approach of fault location is determined by the status of the system provided by the probe. The effectiveness of fault localization is based on the various Probes and its route. 

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