School Website Project Modules

School website project is implemented in platform using C# programming language. This project consists of two modules administrator module and student module.

Administrator Module:

The Administrator is the owner of this website who maintains this website. He is user who uses this website for the registration of Students updating all the future events into the websites that should be accessible o the students. Administrator is also responsible for creating online quiz and also to dump the eLearning topics in to the “The High School” website. He is provided with a login user ID and Password with which he will be allowed to browse to through the website. Depending upon the role the website will be redirecting to the corresponding pages. Administrator is the whole and sole responsible person of this website and he is the only one who can insert any data into the database. 

 Student Module:

Second role available in our school website is Student. Student role is the end user role of this “The High School” website. The student can register himself into the “The High School” website. Once the registration have been done he will be provide with a user ID and password with which he can login in to the school website. Here the student can view his profile, update his profile, Learn new concepts, and participate in the existing online exams. Apart from all these he can get updated of the events both academic and curricular activities that have been going on in the school such that he can plan accordingly to participate in those events if interested.

The student is restricted to view his own profile and to update his own profile if felt necessary. View of other students profile is completely prohibited as it may lead to security issues and may disturb the main intention of this website. Insertion of data from student login in strictly prohibited other than creation of his profile i.e. registering himself into the school. He is provided access to all the learning courses as well do not want to restrict his leaning interest to one particular group to which he actually belongs. 

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