Remote Tap Changer Control Panel Seminar Topic

This seminar topic explains about the Remote Changer Control Panel also called RTCC, the main of this topic is to control the output of the transformer, the output voltage is achieved based on the controller of the remote tap changer control panel, the output voltage of the transformer maintained using the automatic voltage regulator (AVR), this AVR is arranged inbuilt manner, based on this the output of the transformer is controlled, RTCC mainly consisting the automatic voltage regulator, switches for selection purpose automatic selection, in the automatic mode the voltage is controlled by AVR and in the manual mode based on taps the voltage is raised or reduced, OLTC (on load tap changer) motor is used in clockwise and anti clockwise, OLTC control the two or more transformers continuously.

This topic explains you about the on load tap changer- this OLTC used in high voltage transformers which having high capacity, OLTC (on load tap changer) consists of LCP (low control panel) and RTCC, AVR sense the low voltage and comparator used here to compare the low voltage with initial value, it is suitable for the bidirectional power flowing (forward and backward directions), current rate is up to 500 MA, OLTC can be connected to desktop and laptop.

Download Remote Tap Changer Control Panel Seminar Topic and Paper Presentation.

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