RC Phase Shift Oscillator ECE Mini Project

The main aim of the RC Phase Shift Oscillator is to provide the phase shift of 360 . If we give a Sinusoidal signal as the input then the oscillator gives the output signal same as input signal but with the phase shift of 360. Actually in oscillator we don’t give input, without giving any input we get the output. With By changing the Resisters and Capacitors the output signal frequency is changed, this ECE mini project can be done by using variable capacitors and resisters. It is same as the LC tank circuit. Phase shift oscillators can be used as the Low frequency oscillator.

The components used in this project are Transistor BC 548, it is the silicon type and NPN type, Resisters ((0-100kΩ variable Resistance), capacitor (0.47µf), voltage (5volts).

The R(Resister) and C(Capacitor),RC combination gives a phase shift of 60. To maintain sustained oscillation the phase shift should be maintained is around 360. It can be used only for Low frequencies .

RC combination produces the phase shift of 180 and Transistor produces 180 . The total phase shift provided by this circuit is 360.

F (oscillation) =1/2*π*RC*6^0.5

Resistance is passive electronic device, the resistance of the resister can be found by using colour coding, and mainly there are two types of resisters fixed and variable resisters. Fixed resisters are carbon fixed, carbon film, metal film and wire wound resistors. And variable Resisters are Rheostat type and Potentiometric type.

Transistor is a three layer electronic device. Here in this project we used is npn type of transistor.

The main application of this project is used in low frequency circuits.

RC Phase Shift Oscillator is the simplest oscillator and it can generate sign signals, rectangular waves, Square waves, it is very cheapest product to buy anyone. It can automatically generate signals for guitar and other applications. 

Download RC Phase Shift Oscillator ECE Mini Project full Report.

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