Railway Reservation System

ABSTRACT:  The existing railway system has few flaws.Tickets were made available before one month.so it has become difficult for the common people who make travel plans in the last minute,they were forced to buy the ticket for higher price which a normal middle class person cannot afford.

Seat allotment is done randomly except for senior citizens.so in the new proposed system 80 percent of the tickets will be made available 30 days prior to the journey and 15 percent tickets will be available before 7 days and 5percent tickets will be allocated for tatkal.

Seat allotment will be done according to their age.people aging between 15­35 will be given upper berth,people aging between 35­60 will be given middle berth and people above 60 will be considered as senior citizens and will be given lower berth.

Railway reservation system should be replicated which includes ticket booking, cancellation, waiting list should be maintained and additional features like seat allocation according to age and opening bookings should be provided.

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