Quantum Key Distribution Paper Presentation PPT

In quantum key distribution systems there are three phases to establish a communication most securely. The three steps are as follows in this Paper Presentation:

  • Key Agreement: In this phase the two parties that participate in the communication concurs a distributed private key which is secure.
  • Authentication: In this phase few authentication forms are used to avoid the attacks on key agreements mainly the “main-in-the-middle” attacks. For this a message is sent from the specific explicit party.
  • Key Usage: In this phase a secure key having the additional primitives or authentication is established using a cipher or a one-time pad for attaining encryption.

                               Quantum key distribution is just a part of the entire data security infrastructure which depends on the private key, this private key is concurred by the two parties that participates in the communication which is not based on the input of the protocol and also there are no computational assumptions for the security of private key to depend on. The authentication for the key agreement and the security in the infrastructure of public key for a long-term is achieved by using the public key cryptography and Quantum key distribution together as a combination.

A private channel is required by the QKD for establishing authentication for the key. For example public key cryptography is not employed securely any longer by using the trusted courier of the key that is traditional over a private channel. Comparing the quantum key distribution outputs the sessions keys are more than the required amount of communication that is private.  As the keys are distributed by the QKD over a private channel and the keys that are distributed are not dependent on each other, and this can be consider as an advantage in quantum cryptography. The compromised keying stuff can be affected by the future sessions when provided with security. The public key cryptography systems are retooled with freshly designed algorithms in the coming technology and these tools offers the basic security factors for the quantum key distribution. 

This Paper is written & submitted by Vamshidhar A.

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