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Presentation on Automatic Walking Machine

Contents Introduction of Machine Objective Methodology Literature Survey Material Solution Schematic Diagram Introduction Of Machine Different types of Machines are available for traveling Min. distance in city. Like Activa, Yo Bikes.etc. But Mostly they are going to costly because of petrol’s prize and Due to Automobile’s Heavy Parts. We found the Problem of this kind(…)

IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic

Seminar Title: IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Seminar Topic Introduction: IABP Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump is the device that is used in the cardiac applications. They are used in the medical field for the operation like heart transplant, coronary artery bypass surgery. They are also used in the pharmacotherapy for helping the ventricular functions. They are used in(…)

Fundamental Principles for Safety in Automobiles Mechanical Seminar Topic with Report

The topic fundamental Principles is related to the cycle of the round circle process of the heat energy where heat energy is generated and is exhausted outside the object. This fundamental system is mainly process in the braking system of the vehicles. This principle gives the driver of the vehicle to get a safe drive(…)

Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topic on Smart Cars With Report

Science is far from preparing machine as moving as the human cerebrum. On the other hand, the quest for computerized reasoning has made a ton of progress forasmuch as the first robots. Unique mechanics prepares researchers to generate mechanisms equipped for of an extent of human-such as movement, while a significant number of researchers now(…)

Ultrasonic Techniques for Hidden Corrosion Detection MechanicalSeminar Idea

Introduction to Ultrasonic Techniques for Hidden Corrosion Detection Seminar Idea: Ultrasonic technique is used for the detection of the corrosion that is hidden. Corrosion is very major problem because it affects the air craft’s and their wings or joints and industry at large scale. The corrosion is also present under the paint which very hard to(…)

Microelectro mechanical Systems (Mems) Mechanical Seminar Report

We are in the modern technical world which is composed with the involvement micro electronics in every aspect of our daily life, this leads to the development of an revolutionary concept micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) this multi- disciplinary concept creating new dimensions in science and technology, combining silicon based microelectronics with micro machining technology(…)

Study of Steam Turbine Back Pressure Type Mechanical Seminar Report

Introduction to Study of Steam Turbine Back Pressure Type Mechanical Seminar Topic: In generation of power turbine has a very important role. In thermal power electricity is generated by producing steam on burning coal and to manage steam we use steam turbines in thermal plants. A steam turbine is nothing but a heat engine in which by expanding the(…)

Multi Level Car Parking Polytechnic Mechanical Project Report

Introduction to Multi Level Car Parking Polytechnic Mechanical Project: Increasing population is the most facing serious problem in our country. Today India is the second largest populated country in the world that is India having 16% of the world’s population. When the last census conducted on 1991, 1st march, the country’s population was 846.30 million but(…)

Mechanical Project Report on Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction

Introduction to Mobile 3D Visualization for Construction Project: Software named CAD in the past decades was used to create a 2D spectrum programs and conversion it to the 3D spectrum. The hardware used here to execute this program is the mainframes to the desktop of the system computers and the laptops. The storage of the system(…)

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems PPT Presentation

Introduction to Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Presentation: Micro electro mechanical systems which are abbreviated as the MEMS are the combination of electrical and mechanical devices and structures by the specific standard scale. The work of the MEMS is to perform the mathematical tasks which are critical for the conventional technologies. These devices are used in various(…)