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Chemical Organization Management System Project Idea

Chemical organization management system project idea in java explains about requirements and advantages of developing a software application for chemical industry. Project overview: S Associates is a company located at naroda. It’s a manufacturing unit of Chemical and dyes. During the visit of this company we feel that the everything to maintain this unit is(…)

Car Sales System Project in Java

Car sales system project is developed to help managing available cars and their availability using this software tool.  This application is a java based application which can be used as mini project for college project.  EXISTING SYSTEM: In the existing System it is difficult to maintain the car information individually and to supply for the customers(…)

Horoscope Project in Java

Horoscope project is developed in java. This application is a simple application for students who want to develop for learning java. Based on user date of birth his horoscope is displayed with a joke. Aim: The Main aim of this project is to develop one funny horoscope teller application. Existing System:           In the existing(…)

Hotel Management System Project

Hotel management system project explains about how to develop a web application in java with booking , food ordering, bill generation, inventory and reports generation modules.  Existing System Overview: Hotels are the place where you stay, eat meals and utilize their other services. As computer has merged with man as single entity so a computerized(…)

Multiple Sequence alignment using Genetic Algorithm Project

Multiple Sequence alignment using Genetic Algorithm project (MSA) is a tool for extracting the relationship between lots of sequences. It aligns each sequence,  such that one base in a sequence corresponds to bases in other sequences to reveal the similarity of genetic gene. Multiple Sequence Alignment problem is related to Artificial Intelligence, Bio Informatics and(…)

Distributed Airline Reservation Management System Project in Java

Distributed Airline Reservation Management System Project in Java is a web based application which is useful for booking different airlines tickets though online. This application covers all features that are available in existing systems. Existing System               Airline Reservation System is a System including Inventory, Fares, Enquiries, Reservations etc.             All user/agents are allocated  a(…)

Virtual Private Network Project

The “ Virtual Private Network Project (VPN) ” has emerged as one of the leading technologies at present and has attracted the attention of many organizations looking to both expand their networking capabilities and reduce their costs. This paper deals with the upcoming technology, VPN – Virtual Private Network which has proved itself to be lot reliable(…)