ECE Final Year Projects

Electronics final year students can download latest collection of ece projects with abstracts and reports for free. Projects listed here are part of ece final year projects on embedded systems, micro controller, robotics. Projects listed here are best be final year projects with full reports and circuit diagrams. Students can also find ece mat lab projects.

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor

Automatic Switching Of Induction Motor Abstract: INTRODUCTION:  Now-a-days, water crisis in India has been reached to alarm proportions and its wastage during transmission is identified as the major cause responsible for the problem. So in order to resolve the issue to some extent we have come up with Automatic switching of induction motor in houses,(…)

Microcontroller Based Anesthesia Injector Documentation

In our project “Microcontroller based anesthesia injector”, we developed an automatic anesthesia injector implementing embedded system technology. This micro controller based anesthesia injector provides the better solution in eliminating the problems caused due to the manual anesthesia injection. It is an effective mechanism provided with a keypad for giving instructions along with the injection pump,(…)

Speech Recognition Based Password Enabled Devices Switching System

The main objective of Speech Recognition Based Password Enabled Devices Switching System project is to create awareness in readers about the use of embedded systems in automatic controlling devices, in this project speech based password enabled devices switching system we implemented an equipment control system based on the speech commands using embedded system technology. Proposed system:(…)

Wimax Projects for Students on Equipment for Physically and Mentally Challenged Persons

The title of our project is Wimax Projects for Students on Equipment for physically and mentally challenged persons; in this project we developed guiding equipment for old age people and physically handicapped people by implementing a communication module using WiMAX technology. This system provides an easy means communication interface between the blind, deaf and dumb. Project(…)

Voice Guider for Aged People and Patients

In this project voice guider for aged people and patients, we implemented a voice alert system based on the infra red technology; the main objective of this project is to guide the aged people, it will announce the details of the objects using a speaker. Operation: The system receives the voice signals from the user(…)

Speed Control of Induction Motor Project

In this project “PWM Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Microcontroller Project” we discuss the mechanism of speed control of an industrial induction motor by passing commands through computer. Asynchronous induction motors find enormous application in industrial work, so in order to attain maximum functionality of induction drives we designed this circuit to control the speed(…)

Redtacton Technology Projects

In Redtacton Technology Project report we explain about red tacton which is a new revolutionary concept in transmitting data over a limited distance by means of the electrical field produced by the human body. In recent days this red tacton technology had made tremendous changes in the field of security and several automation activities. The electric(…)