CSE Seminar Topics

Download All Computer Science Engineering Seminar Topics, Technical Presentations, White Papers, Paper Presentations, ppt’s. Here we cover latest topics and provide idea for cse students to chose best topic for final year seminar topic.

Job Satisfaction of the Employees Project

NEED FOR THE STUDY : Job satisfaction of the employees is important if the employees are satisfied then only the organization can function smoothly increases its production, faces competition. If employees are satisfied with their job they will carry a positive attitude. Hence the study has been undertaken to assess the employee job satisfaction which(…)

My Nearest Offers Android Application

Overview: The main objective of this Android project is “My Nearest Offers”.  Now a days mobile app are being played a vital role in our life’s, by using this mobile app it will locate all the running offers around us. Existing System: The present existing system is either we have to go to malls, supermarket(…)

Online Evaluation System Project PPT

Online Evaluation System Project PPT consists of project design details, data flow diagram, screen shots, sequence diagram, Flow chart, Existing and proposed system overview. Students can download full project source code and project report from below reference links. Disadvantages of the Existing System: Existing system was not user friendly System was not well organized and(…)

Wireless Communication Seminar Topic

Wireless communication seminar topic and report consists of Introduction to zigbee wireless technology Comparing different wireless technologies Data transfer methods. In this paper we presented a new ZIGBEE based wireless communication system. In recent days wireless technologies findings enormous applications in the field of telecommunication systems, here the data is transferred without the usage of(…)

3G Technology Seminar Topic

3G Technology seminar explains about a fast growing technology which is used in various fields. This seminar topic covers detailed explanation on this technology with free seminar report for download. 3G technology portable apparatuses and aids will transform satellite correspondences into on-line, constant connectivity. 3G satellite innovation will permit a single to have prompt access(…)

4G Technology Mobile Communications Seminar Report

4G is the new upcoming technology which helps us to stay connected to the world through internet. It is the most intelligent technology. 4G technology mobile communications seminar provides us in details explanation about this technology. Why 4g? 4G is the abbreviation of the fourth generation of wireless telecommunication technology. It offers the best data(…)

3D Password More Secure Authentication Seminar Report

3D Password More Secure Authentication Seminar Report covers Abstract Drawbacks for Preexisting Password Mechanisms Expected functionality Advantages of 3D password Introduction Secure Authentication using 3D password: Normally textual password were provided which does not provide much security, it can easily be guessed and cracked by the attackers or hacker. Whereas biometric totally depends on the(…)

Quiz Handling System Project in Visual Basic

This Quiz Handling System Project in Visual Basic is mainly useful in conducting the quiz . This project is  performed in Visual Basic because it is user friendly and it is easy conduct the quiz inquick format. This project includes various categories so that the user can participate in all the categories or any particular(…)