Project Report on Simulation of General-Purpose Microprocessors USING VHDL

Introduction to Simulation of General-Purpose Microprocessors USING VHDL Project:

VHDL which is known as high speed integrated circuit description language is one of the most efficient programming language which is used to create and maintain the workflow of data or the data flow. It was been established in 1981 and later the newer version was launched in 1987.

The design or the development process of the VHDL consists of the Entity Declaration, architecture, Configuration, Package Declaration, Package Body. This model is mainly used to the texts that briefly explain the logical circuits. A specific standard type of program is used to test this logic model designs. This is called as the testbench. This device also has the input and output capabilities too which are used mainly as the general purpose languages.

Talking about the general purpose processor this are the micro processors which are specifically called as the central processing unit abbreviated as the CPU. CPU is the microprocessors that eliminate the instructions of the software. This machine finally undergoes the following steps first fetch an instruction, secondly decode the instruction and thirdly the execution of the required instruction.

A small intro to the Microprocessor is firstly the instruction set which can estimate the equivalent encodings. Two operand instructions which uses the first accumulator for the A operator and the second operand for the register that has three bits in the coding which stores the register. One operand instruction, instructions, instructions using a memory.

A concept called the death path is for the manipulation of the data which has function units, registers, buses as its sub attributes. Components of the death paths are input multiplexer, Flags, Accumulator, register file, ALU, rotator, buffer, control wizard.

This device is to provoke the design of the micro processor using the high speed integrated circuit. A code on the processor need to be executed for running the project successfully. In upcoming future the team members are working to set more instruction according to our needs. 

 Download  Project Report on Simulation of General-Purpose Microprocessors USING VHDL .

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