PHP Dynamic Website Project Free Download

The present manual system is facing server problems, which may lead to some serious troubles. The new system will help provide security, reliability and efficiency. There are enough human and physical resources, which will help in the success of this web site. Based on the above discussion and evidence it is concluding that the project is feasible.

Dynamic Website Project

Dynamic Website Project Overview:

The purpose of the analyzing a system is to evaluate the practically of the system, being developed. The system analysis enables one to understand how well or not the proposed system will perform in the given environment. System analysis follows certain sequence for gathering the information thus to reach a conclusion. Project members, according to their ease and requirements, can arrange the sequence.

System analysis of LPC MARDAN also had to go through certain procedure according to a sequence. It started off with the preliminary investigation that included data collection through documentation review and conducting interviews. Then feasibility of the project was checked in term of operation and technically, which lead to generation of feasibility report for the proposed system.


The proposed system aims at possibly removing all of the drawbacks present in the system in practice and making it more responsive to user and management needs.

The system also aims to reduce time consumed in searching a specific record.

The proposed system provides the facility of insertion, deletion, and updating of record.

Major facilities provided by the system will be:

  • Viewing of desired record easily.
  • Inserting of any record as need.
  • Deletion of any record.
  • Searching of record with respect to any criteria desired by user.
  • Enabling the users to utilize the time more efficiently. 

Working of the computerized system:

The proposed will work efficiently, effectively for data input, output, processing and storage.

For input of the data,

Easily understandable and insertion form will be used.

The processing will be done using proper queries of the tool being used to for developing the software in order to achieve efficiency or in lowest possible time.

Output, of the processing data will be seen in easily understandable form.

Storage, of the data will be done appropriate tables for each record.

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