Paper Presentation on Notion Ink Adam

Notion Ink Adam Seminar Topic:

Earlier were the days were we used to do task manually in paper, slowly moved to PC, then to laptop and then to tablet computer. Most of the advance user now what a tablet computer is ,but not most of them even now about .But I guarantee when I tell about what it is ,then surely though you have not used , but must have seen it in your surroundings where you live or study or work. 

A tablet computer is a form of mobile computer which have a touch screen or interface that would support writing by pen. Now lets talk about Notion Ink Adam it is a firm in bang lore. They are special in designing tablet computer. The table computer designed by them is known as Notion Ink Adam. 

We have been using Android supported Smartphone of our friends for quite some time, though some may have their own .The Notion Ink Adam works on Android 2.2 though they have customized the Android 2.2 according to their need. Since Smartphone are generally used to perform daily task .So the user interface need to be easy as well appealing to our human eye. This is made possible by making use of best graphics. The Notion Ink Adam makes use of NVDIA one of the best companies of America known for graphic processing units. Though Notion Ink Adam did not make big news in its development it can be a inspiration to young generation of coming times since it was developed by an engineering student of IIT. 

All the application of Notion Ink Adam is based on open source technology. One of the best thing is it is environment friendly device because it work under sunlight .So how is this possible? It is possible because of transflective liquid crystal display so that it can store sunlight and make device work.

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