Online Trading and Clearing & Settlements at Arihant Capital Market Ltd MBA Project

The scope of the Online Trading and Clearing & Settlements at Arihant Capital Market Ltd MBA Project is to study and know about Online Trading and Clearing & Settlements dealt in Inter-Connected Stock Exchange.



1. The organization needs to put efforts on building a leadership style which is suitable for increasing productivity, reduces the abnormal attrition rate which is prevalent in software development industry.
2. The organization should promote a participatory culture in which every member in the organization should have a chance to express his suggestions.
3. The members should be encouraged to give suggestions, as it would give a chance of generating new ideas for the existing problems.
4 .the leaders  have to  creates   an feasible  environment where the team members take ownership of the project and allow them  to participate in that decision making process  to contribute   their ideas.
5.  the team leader should  give  a chance  to  team members to determine  what has to be done and how to do it.. it will helps them to enhance the performance of the team members
6 .the  team leaders  have to  delegates   tasks to the team member by considering   their particular domain   of the knowledge in order to implement a new procedure or project   .  team leaders need  closely monitors
7.  the team members to ensure they are performing correctly to or not and  along with this the team leader has to give them proper feed back  to  enhance the performance of the employees. 
8. the team leaders  did not  use   their   leadership power to  position holds over subordinates  they have to create an feasible type environment where employees get a chance to prove them selves in their domain.
These are the  suggestions will help to the organization to achieve their goals.

Download Online Trading and Clearing & Settlements at Arihant Capital Market Ltd MBA Marketing and Finance based Final Year Student Case Study Project.

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