Online Mobile Sale Purchase System Project Report

Introduction to Online Mobile Sale Purchase System Project:

                           The aim of this project is developing online mobile purchasing system by using Java development kit (JDK), SQL server for database management. By use of online system lot of time is saved for purchasing mobiles. This is done by fully automated system. By this full support is given to the seller for convince. By this process we can get faster results in selling mobiles & purchasing mobiles 


                         The scope of this process is vast comparing to manually selling purchase systems

Some of the key features are:

  • This process can be used in corporate world
  • It can be used by the user residing in different locations
  • There are no restrictions to customer when purchasing mobile

Feature Scope:

  •  Being web-based application can be used from any where
  •  No Need of owner when purchasing mobile


  •  It is very secure
  •  And It Is Easy To use
  •  It is reliable and provides accurate results


This mechanism has following Stages

  • Login
  • Test
  • Result

Download  Online Mobile Sale Purchase System Project Report.

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