•            Project Title: Online Customer Complain System Project in Java
  •            Developer Role: Requirements, Coding, Designing, Deploying
  •            Technology Used: Java & Oracle
  •           Project Duration: 4 Months
  •           Team Size: 4

Description: “Online Customer Complain System Project in Java” is a web based application which will be used for handling the various types of complaints occurred in the product of any kind of organization. This system automates the complete complaint handling process and also the billing process that is needed to manage customer invoices and billing more efficiently. It provides all the features, functionality, and flexibility essential to streamline your customers’ invoicing and billing. Business information is accessible for use wherever, whenever, and however it is required. Java & Oracle used to develop this project, Java is the front end where oracle is the back end. All computer science engineering students can select this project as major one with 4 members can be a single team & can be completed  this project within 4 months.