Object Oriented and Object Relational Database Model

A programming language which is the latest method began to use in the year 1980’s known as Object Oriented Programming (OOP). As the established programming language OOP has exposed the important benefits. As a different way we can understand the database models when there is a change in programming it is called as Object Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS).

           With the object oriented capabilities the DBMS combine with the database capabilities essentially the DBMS is an OODBMS. As a programming language objects the database objects come out which are created by an OODBMS. For the real world, article objects are the software demonstration. Both attributes and operational characteristics are consisted in an object because to detain the features and ability of the real world.

For objects templates are classes. Encapsulation is one of the main features for the object oriented model. For an object oriented database the main ability is to add new objects. There is a flexible thing in the database level.  Base class means there is an existing object that can be distinct as a condition of the new objects in the object oriented model (OOM). To subsist in the subclasses the polymorphism allocates a number of versions who have the similar performance. 

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