The main aim of this Nymble Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks project is to blocking the users using Nymble server. Now a day all website administrators are facing a big problem about spam posts and unwanted posts in their blogs, forums, and social networking sites. It’s very hard to delete each post entered by the unknown user or hard to delete his account, it is a time consuming process for website maintainers. This software application works with the for major modules 1) Nymble server management module 2) Pseudonym Management module 3) user blocking module 4) nimble authentication module.

This present project follows a user can login with his/her credentials, after loggin in to his profile he can access some important information like downloading some files, sending messages to others, etc. So here admin can have the rights to block/disable access to the users IP address and it can record the user’s behavior.

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