Network Monitoring System with Simple IP Subnet Calculator System Design

Design is multi-step process that focuses on data structure software architecture, procedural details, (algorithms etc.) and interface between modules. The design process also translates the requirements into the presentation of software that can be accessed for quality before coding begins.

Computer software design changes continuously as new methods; better analysis and broader understanding evolved. Software Design is at relatively early stage in its revolution.

Therefore, Software Design methodology lacks the depth, flexibility and quantitative nature that are normally associated with more classical engineering disciplines. However techniques for software designs do exist, criteria for design qualities are available and design notation can be applied.


In the project, if the employee has to communicate with other employees they can communicate through send and receive message.


The ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) interface is a pure .NET to execute SQL statement. The ODBC provides a set classes and interfaces that can be used by developers to write database applications. Basic ODBC interactions in its simplest form, can be broken down into four steps:

1. Open a connection to the database. 

2. Execute a SQL statement

3. Process the result

4. Close the connection to the database

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