MyMovie movie rental stores using ASP.NET with C# and ADO.NET project main idea is to provide a better service for their customers and share the resources among all the stores, MyMovie decides to put all the information related to a movie, such as the name of the movie, its cast, and the directors’ names online via a website.

Customers will use the customer interface to browse the movie database for the required Information. They also will be able to search for specific information using the various criteria and will be able to produce a rental list.

The system administrator of MyMovie will use the admin Interface to maintain the database and keep it updated.

Developing this application will be useful for students because this type of application is mostly used in present trend.

Adding few new ideas and adding a new concept to this application will be a good option like when users want to know about the movie by looking at the poster he can send a message to a number which is provided on the movie poster where he will receive list of theaters and timings along with ticket booking status.

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