Knowledge Management System Visual Studio .Net 2005 Project

The main Objective of developing Knowledge Management System is to provide online and offline e-learning materials for all types of students over the world. Now a day students in rural areas not able to get study materials for their education but this system will help them to improve their basic knowledge. This system works like other online educational websites for example scribd, slidshare, docstoc websites are providing educational documents and presentations for everyone. Here knowledge management system means any one can share their knowledge in this web application and others can read and download the useful info shared by other users. All materials uploaded on this project are free of cost.

We have gone through entire visual studio  2005 technologies to develop this application and here we used and SQL Server in development stage. We used water fall model for Software development life cycle process. This project mainly useful for schools, intermediate colleges, engineering colleges, universities and all other educational institutions. User should be log in to the application to upload any useful content to the server and for downloading other documents. Admin can validate and verify each and every document before going to approve. The other advantages of this final year B Tech level code project is to rate the material starting from 1 to 5 and search feature works like Google search engine to search any educational content over the system.

Knowledge Management System Screen Shot:

Knowledge Management System Visual Studio .Net 2005 Project

Download Knowledge Management System Visual Studio .Net 2005 Project.

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