Minor Project Title : Human Resource Information System

  • Technology:  VB.NET, SQL Server 2005.
  • Editor:  Visual Studio 2005.
  • Team Size:   1
  • Module:  Employee Information, Payroll System, Unique Id creation For Employees.  

This is a Human Resource Information System Final Year project for an organisation who can encapsulate whole department of Organisation like Payroll system, Employee Information System, Account department in a single software etc. This project was developed using VB.Net Programming under Visual Studio 2005 tool. SQL Server 2005 used as a database server to store all employee details. This Computer Science & Engineering Final year mini project has 4 major modules Employee information module, payroll system module, and unique id creation module for employees. Employee information module contains the all employee details like personal details, professional details. Payroll System module contains salary related & income tax related details. Unique Id creation module has a feature to all users/employees to create their unique user id.