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Hotel Room Booking System Project Report

January 19, 2012

The main aim & objective of this Hotel Room Booking System Project is to give simple application which provides all facilities like room booking, room class type, hall booking, hotel booking, etc…
These are the below methods used in this project

  • Book Hotel
  • Book  Flight + Hotel
  • Logout
  • Account Update

Stimulus: Book Hotel

Click “ Book  Hotel” :

Description: This “Book  Hotel” function allows a user to book a hotel. The user enters  the   destination, check-in date(dd/mm/yyyy), check-out date (dd/mm/yyyy), the number of rooms needed and the number of people who will stay in the hotel.
Inputs: The user enters  the   destination, check-in date(dd/mm/yyyy), check-out date (dd/mm/yyyy), the number of rooms.
 Outputs: It displays available on a webpage.

Source: Inputs provided by the user or saved data.

 Pre-condition: The user is within his/her account and website.

Post condition: The user can select the hotel from the choice of hotels and can proceed to payment

Side-effects: None.

 Stimulus: Book  Flight + Hotel

Click “Book Flight + Hotel”

Description: From the home page, the user can select Book Flight + Hotel. This will take them to a page which will contain a form in which they can input the flight and hotel information..

Inputs: Source, Destination, Departure date, Return date, number of travelers, one way and round trip, check-in date, check-out date, number of people staying and number of rooms needed. For new user, first name, last name, middle name (if any), date of birth, gender, mailing address, billing address, and email.
Outputs: A list of deals satisfying the criteria will be displayed by prices from the lowest to the highest.

Source: The input will come from the keyboard

Pre-Condition: The user should be logged in.

Post-Condition:  The database will be updated with the flight request information. After the user is done with this page, they must press the “Make Payment” button to move to the next page.

Side-effects: None.

Stimulus:  Logout

Click “Logout”.

Description:  The “Logout” function allows a user to quit/exit from his/her account for secured reasons.

Inputs: No Inputs

Source: None.

Outputs: No Outputs.

Destination: None.

Requires: User needs to be logged in.

Pre-condition: The user is inside the website and logged in.

Post-condition: User gets logged out.

Side-effects:  None

Stimulus:  Account Update
Click “Update”:

Description:  The “Update” function enables the user to view/update his profile at any time. The user can change his address, phone number, email or password.

Inputs: first name, last name, address, phone number, email, password and credit card information.

Source: All inputs provided by the user.

Outputs: Updated profile.

Destination: The outputs are displayed on the screen.

Requires:  User should have an account.

Pre-condition: The user is inside the website and logged in.

Post-condition: The user has updated information in his/her account.

Side-effects:  None

User Account Logout: The account logout function shall allow users to exit their personal website account for security purposes.  This module allows users to logout their accounts

Download Hotel Room Booking System Project Report

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