Highly Secured E-Passport System Project

  • Project Title    : Highly Secured E-Passport System Project
  • Equipment      : AVR Microcontroller

Project Description: The main objective of Highly Secured E-Passport System microcontroller project is to provide the protection to the user’s passport from the fraud passports. The previous system has lots of draw backs and disadvantages like in the form of a book which can be corrupted easily by interchanging the photo graph and signature of the user. By using this electronics project we can give more protection to the passport, Here in this ECE application we have implemented a card based on RFID technology. The card is invisible to everyone and the user details can be stored in the card using RFID and the passport holder will be dumped into the card along with the below three secure functionalities.

1. A text based password which will be known to the passport card holder.

2. His digital photograph for face recognition and thumb impression.

3. IRIS picture for iris recognition module.     

This entire project was developed with AVR microcontrollers within 3 months of time for final year innovative project submission.

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