The GAS KIT FOR TWO WHEELER Mechanical Mini Project has focused on the use of fuel in two stroke Gasoline engine. The goal of the project is to utilize non-conventional fuel and conventional fuel that has become expensive and insufficient today.  This has resulted in less air pollution than conventional fuels which is better based on considerations of economic.

We have used LPG fuel system, two stroke vehicle, gasoline, and LPG in this project.  LPG includes the adjustable regulator from storage tank with the transfer of valve present in the LPG cylinder.

 LPG is abbreviated as Liquefied Petroleum Gas which is also known as bottled gas (or) Refinery gas.  This is formed like a byproduct on bashing heavy crude oils or natural gas.  The LPG is produced by bashing or dehydration of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), desulphurised, or organic sulphide (Mercaptans).

This is poured in cylinders with warning of leak of gas.  It is then compressed in the liquid form to increase the fuel gas and reserved with trade name such as INDANE-BURSHANE etc. The calorific value is nearly 27.800 Keal/m.

The gas kit of a two wheeler includes fuel tank, fuel inlet tube, exhaust gas, engine, wheel, and stand. The LPG system is less costly than gasoline. It provides good manifold distribution. It has great knock resistance. Residue and oil contamination is small.


The GAS KIT FOR TWO WHEELER Mechanical Mini Project concludes IC engines of natural gas technology are very popular for hydro carbons (HC) and nitrous oxide (NO) with carbondioxide (CO). LPG includes Hydrocarbons with the presence of atmospheric pressure and is liquefied under pressure.

Download Gas Kit for Two Wheeler Mechanical Mini Project