Five Generations of Computers Notes

Introduction to Generations of Computers in Brief:

The whole world is totally Depends on the computers, it is a major part in now a days, each and every filed computers are using very frequently. It is  a user friendly any one can learning the computer, Even though children also learning computers classes form the childhood onwards, but 10 years back only graduate student like engineers are only study the computers, then its change the way. Using the computers anywhere the development is vastly increased. It is the one of the major part of the Human life. Computers have done a very revolution of the world. Using the computers human can do lot of works in a limited period of the time

The computers are changes a big revolution depending upon the time period the computer are developed and there are five types of Generation of the computers. the Generation is change the computer constricting and designing also change, then resulting thing chip, small, efficiency and more power while change the time period  also.

The first generation of the computers basically developed using the vacuum tubes. that computer are very big and clumsy The power is highly consumptions, it is total developed on the machine level language, it is need a very low temperature  and big failure in the electricity .It is occupy a big room and the memory used for vacuum tubes is magnetic drums

Transistors were used to start on the Second generation of the computer. Compare to the first generation this one power is less consumption and also less heat. These generations had started to use the OS, the program also started in Machine and Assembly Language

Data communication Started on Fourth Generation of the computers and started used Technology like LSI& VLSI. Many types of Memory are started to use on this Generation.Fifth Generation Computer a lot of extension had started where Voice recognition, robots are started like super computer also started.

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