Introduction to Eye on Cell Phone Operated Land Over Electronics and Telecommunication Project:

In this paper we will see a mobile operated robot which has wireless camera placed in front of it. In this we use two mobiles one is placed in the robot and the other acts like a remote for controlling the robot.

In this paper we will about the working if the mobile based robot and the advantage of using mobile signals for controlling the robot rather than radio frequency signals.

Working model and design:

In the transmitter unit we have a mobile which acts as a remote for controlling the robot and the input is given through the cell keypad itself.

In the transmitter unit we find a cell attached to the microcontroller and based on the input it drives the motors to move forward or backward.

To identify the number typed at the receiver from the receiver phone we will use DTMF technique.

In this technique two tones will be generated based on this tone information the pressed input is identified at the receiver mobile.

We will use a AT90S8515 microcontroller which drives the motors and the components based on the receiver mobile information.

The information from the mobile is decoded and transmitted in binary form to microcontroller using a DTMF decoder which is 4 bit device.

To drive the DC motors we use L293 motor drivers and a TV tuner is used for transmission of video of wireless camera.

The microcontroller is has advanced RISC instruction set and it has flash memory which allows the modification of the program.


This device can be used to monitor the equipments in the industries and as we can watch the working of the devices through video.

We are using mobile signals for communication because they are wide spread and there will be very less effect to signals because of noise.

We can even use radio frequency signals but they have limited bandwidth and gets effected due to noise.

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