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Eye Bank Management System Project

November 8, 2012

EYE BANK MANAGEMENT is a pilot project for the new eye bank that is soon going to start in the city. According to the planning of the management this bank will start operating from the very next month and they have the planning to collect tissues of eyes from various sources and distribute them to the needy people. A full fledged software is important for managing all these work responsibilities.

This software helps to maintain the daily transaction records in an eye bank and it also enable to register the details of the donors, eye tissue collection details and etc. This software application is designed in such a manner that it can suit the needs of all the eye banks in the future. Every possible effort is given to implement this project successfully and if it becomes successful then we will also target the other eye banks in the city.

The main modules of this project are stated below:

  1. Details of stock
  2. Details of camp
  3. Details of eye tissue collection
  4. Reports
  5. Details of eye bank
  6. Donor details
  7. Owner details

This project helps to maintain the sales, returns, purchase records. At the same time it can handle the accounts of the daily transaction. This software is very useful and it makes all the manual works replaced with the use of the computerized system. It saves a lot of time and money. Manual data recordings become a cumbersome job and it can also lead to errors even after repeated cross checks. But the use of this system will able to avoid all these and it can give 100 % accurate results. Moreover this software application will organize the data in such a way that it can help the user while searching a specified document or details. 

Download Eye Bank Management System Project .

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