Ethical and Legal Consideration in the Information Sharing

Ethical consideration in the information sharing:

          The information system management ethical issues consider the following.

  • Privacy: the information system poses the questions about the person’s disclosures and their interactions.
  • Property: the information system poses the questions about the information ownership and about transfer channels.
  • Accuracy: the information system poses the questions with respect to get the accuracy of information and restore from inaccuracy.
  • Access: the information system poses the questions with respect to technological capability and information.

Legal considerations in the information sharing:

          These are contains the information regarding the processing, storage and relevant information. The managers must contain the relevant legislation. Four legal areas are related to the IS management.

Confidentiality and privacy: these two are fulfilment with the DPA (data protection act)

Software protection and copyright: these are associated to the intellectual and patents property.

  • Contractual obligations: these are like break of contract conditions.   
  • Crime and IS (not civil law): information system includes the fraud.

Data Protection Act:

          This act gives the right information and it presents the framework to guarantee the personal information. This act is works in two methods. They are

First, this states that any person process the personal information that must fulfil the eight principles. They are

  • Lawful and Fairly Process: this act contains the legitimate and reasonable information.
  • Adequate, related and not excessive: this act allows the information that is sufficient, related and necessary information.
  • Process for the limited purpose: this act offers the limited purpose process.
  • Not reserved for longer than is essential: this information is not reserved for long time with this act.
  • Up to date and accurate: this act permits the correct and daily information of the organization.
  • Process in the line with the person’s right: this act allows the personnel right information.
  • Secure: this act permits and offers the secure information.

The second one is enclosed by the act that provides the significant rights and includes the personal information. Organizations contains the responsibility to guarantee the information system fulfil with the data protection act with associated to the information storing, sourcing and sharing. The procedures, policies and process are should developed to guarantee to maintain the agreement.

Other legal conditions are related to the information storing, sourcing and sharing, which contains the two acts. They are

  • Privacy and electronic communication regulation Act 2003
  • The freedom of information act 2000  

The information sharing evaluates the different type of formats to offer the information. The formats are

  • Manual or electronic format
  • Libraries
  • Documents
  • Libraries
  • Folders
  • List if individuals
  • Items list presence in the libraries
  • Items list inside the list

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