Project Title: Embedded Controlled Z-Source Inverter fed Induction Motor

Project Description: This Embedded Controlled Z-Source Inverter fed Induction Motor project explains about Impedance Source Inverter for induction motor drives. The Impedance Source Inverter of the system can be used to the entire spectrum of power conversion. It is used as Boost-Buck conversion where a capacitor and inductor are used. In this final year EEE final year project the Impedance Source Inverter is considered in place of Voltage Source Inverter and Current Source Inverter. The main advantage of this project Impedance Source Inverter the problems mentioned is rectified and then we can get higher efficiency without losing the signals. This is the best choice to select Induction motor related project for submission of Electrical engineering final year project. The instruments and devices used in this project are Fuel cell stack, 3 phase inverter, AC load motor