E2M Conference Project SQL Database Tables

We have developed this E2M Conference project with SQL server where we created database tables for employee details, branch information, data and department name. The basic purpose of creating this E2M SQL app is to submit project in my final year as well as useful for my college management in terms of providing good communication tool. 

Find the below Employee table, It contains 12 fields where we have developed sql queries for below:

  1. empno saved with integer data type and it doesn’t allow null character
  2. eNmae saved with varcharacter allows 40 characters and allows nulls inside.
  3. pwd, age, gender, address, phno, emailid, deptno, role details saved as varchar. 


Branch table contains 5 fields below: 

Here we have written sql queries for branch number, branch name, address, phone number, date registration.


 Data and dept tables contain 9 fields below:



Download E2M Conference Project SQL Database Tables.

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